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Building a house can be a major event in the life of any family, which requires a deep analysis and detailed plans. We want to help you build your dream home the way you want it; your dream, your vision. Therefore, every construction object and its optimal characteristics are planned with customized approach.

Layout stage – it’s an important beginning, ensuring a successful outcome.

Every construction process begins from the layout stage, when you have to think out all the details of your future construction object. On that stage, we discommend to rely on friend’s or neighbor’s advices, as well as on magazines or journals. The best decision is to apply to an experienced architect.

The company “BELAPARI” offer a free service to its clients – collaboration with a highly qualified architect.

The specialists of  “BELAPARI” are ready to offer standard wooden houses from double dry profiled timber as well as original architectural solutions, paying attention to customer’s wishes and demands.


We offer reliability!

We create your dream home, using only modern technologies and the finest materials. For over the past 15 years on the construction market, we have reached an encompassing range of technical knowledge and practical skills, grasped the latest technologies of the wooden construction. The life of a wooden house from a double dry profiled timber, solid pine, constructed on unique Finnish technology “HONKA” will last for more than hundred years.    

Economy on finishing works.

After assembling a house from profiled timber you may immediately proceed to finishing works, because walls are made from a dry material.    

You get a real economy on finishing works, as all components are manufactured automatically with high accuracy, have smooth side surfaces, do not require additional finishing neither outside nor inside.


What is the price?

Our company “BELAPARI” produces houses and bath-houses from dry profiled timber. The cost of a house from  € 200 per 1m2 of the housing area. The price includes delivery, assembly and roof woodwork.

The final price is depending on the total area of the building and on quantity of architectural decor.  

Wooden houses, constructed in accordance with the highest construction standarts by the company BELAPARI, favorably differ the unique architecture and design, are ecological friendly and save. Our cottages, houses and bath-houses from double dry timber with insulation look really richly and gives the most aesthetically pleasing look of warmth. Unrivalled properties of wooden timber for the wellbeing of people will be appreciated at all times.


Our skilled professionals have a great experience and will pay attention for every detail on the layout stage. That means that we can make all your dreams come true.