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House insulation

In our climatic conditions, a good insulation is necessary for a house. There is a lot of insulation materials on the market, which differ in thermal conductivity, saturation coefficient, density, flame resistance, environmental friendliness, acoustic isolation and longevity.

In construction, Belapari uses only quality cellulose wool – spongy, light fibrous construction insulating material of gray or light gray color. This material favorably differs almost in all characteristics from other insulation materials.

Cellulose insulation is made from recycled paper products – 80 %, and nonvolatile flame-retardant agents, as boracic acid and borax – 20 %. 

Advantages of cellulose wool:

1. High level of thermal insulation (0,032 – 0,038 W/mK .

2. Mold and fungus resistance.

3. Environmental friendliness and naturalness of material.

4. High level of thermal insulation.

5. No susceptibility to shrinkage.

6. Durability of use.

7. Reasonable price and high quality.

  The only disadvantage of cellulose wool is its quite high level of moisture absorption. This peculiarity is completely leveled by features of laying of a double profiled timber, which we use in construction of our houses and bath-houses. According to our technology, the layer of insulation is completely protected from moisture hit inside.

Cellulose wool insulation

For the last 16 years our experts have insulated houses. We have all necessary equipment and resources for insulating houses with cellulose wool. Bright examples of our work you can see in the photo gallery. We use only the best materials, which can be found on the market of modern insulating materials.

Houses and bath-houses from Belapari give warmth and coziness even in the worth weather!