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Construction of houses

Wooden houses construction – it’s a highly competitive sphere. There are a bunch of building companies at the construction market. However, there are many long firms among those companies, whose principal goal is not a quality building, but a quick return of maximum profit.

Company Belapari has built houses from profiled timber for 16 years.

In 2000, our company founded its own woodworking production. Over time, we faced the problem of dishonesty of some partners, influencing our reputation. At this time, we decided to consolidate all works, from processing of wood to construction of wooden houses and bath-houses.

As a result – absolute absence of spoilage and defects, direct contact with customers during all the construction process without any intermediary. We build all our houses and bath-houses on the Finnish technology “Honka”, what permits to offer to our clients the most innovative solutions.   

We are especially proud of quantity and geography of our contracts. Houses and bath-houses from Belapari beatify landscapes of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Germany, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Italy. In our own right, with no false modesty, we may consider our company as one of the leading wooden houses manufacturers and builders in Belarus, Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region.   

Why do we build houses from dry profiled timber?

Home from a barThere is no reason to compare wooden houses and brick-built houses. The wood is a natural material, environmentally friendly, has unrivalled properties for the wellbeing of people and doesn’t emit any harmful substances.

Among a large range of different building materials, our company choose the double dry profiled timber. Double dry profiled timber perfectly satisfy all the requirements of modern people to the building materials. With it, you can have a good economy on finishing works, it doesn’t demand excessive heat-insulation, it is very quickly and easy mounted as a construction kit “Lego”, and walls are perfectly smooth what permits to minimize your expenses. You can choose the design of your timber frame house: with right boards or with a curvature for beams. One more pleasant bonus point – is a low price of timber frame house construction in comparison with others types of wooden construction materials.

 Stages of our work. What are we doing?

Building a house

Construction of a house is a very serious and complicated process. It demands a comprehensive approach to satisfy all customer’s   demands. In our work team, we have only high-qualified architects, designers, project designers and experienced builders, which are ready to realize all client’s wishes.

The sequence of work stages:

geological and geodetic inspection of the site of future construction;

design development and preparation of the accompanied documentation;

construction of general utilities;

preparation and construction of the foundation;

construction of walls and ceilings;

roofing works;

installation of doors and windows;

insulation and finishing works.

High quality construction at short notice – this is our distinctive mark! 

Permanent quality control, experienced team workers and respect of all process standards permit us to build houses from profiled timber of the highest quality.

Prefabricated profiled timber is produced on our own woodworking production, after that it is transported onto the site of construction, where the house will be erected in short terms. From the moment of signing the treaty, the construction period of your house will last at an average 1 month. 

 How much does it cost, to build a house?

The estimate of construction of the wooden house is always formed in an individual order. The huge number of factors can have impact on a total cost of construction. The initial price of square meter is indicated on our site in the section "Prices"; however, you can specify all details by phone or personally with competent experts at our office or everywhere you want, if convenient for you.

We have to make a great point – when choosing a building firm, you shouldn’t focus on the low initial price. Many companies use this marketing method with a view to increase the price through additional works, some of them offer real “shirking”. You should know, that quality product can’t be very cheap, that’s why, unfortunately, a cheapskate pays twice.   

For Belapari its reputation is priceless, and we guarantee high quality of our work. Customer’s demands and wishes – that is the most important for us, so you can trust us the construction of your dream home.     

With our company, thousands of people have already had a unique opportunity to enjoy country life in their own wooden houses. Fresh air, silence, comfort and no neighbors behind a wall - here is only a small part of pleasures you can enjoy.

All what you need to order your wooden dream house – it’s to find any convenient way for you in “Contacts” or to call us directly at Belapari in Minsk:

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