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Construction of bath-houses

Beautiful natural surroundings, country house and a wooden bath-house – that is a real dream for everybody, isn’t it? Everyday fuss, suburban chores, nervosity lead to different health problems. It is a wooden bath-house with its vapor and its smell of wood and foliage of fresh broom is able to cure a human from almost any disease.

BELAPARI has a large experience and build great bath-houses!

Since 2000 Belapari have built bath-houses from solid pine using the latest technologies. We have reliably delivered hundreds of quality projects of bath-houses from profiled timber of varying size and scope. We are ready to offer standard wooden bath-houses from dry profiled timber as well as original architectural solutions, according to the client’s demands and wishes.

What you should to know before building a bath-house?

It is not important if you want to build a house with a bath-house nearby, or your house is already in place, there is other  important nuances to think over.   

▪ Site of erection. Before every building work you have to define the site of your future object in construction. Visiting a bath-house mean a continuous over heat of an organism and demands continuous  cooling. Thereby it is more convenient to begin the construction of a bath-house not far from a lake or a small river. If such opportunity isn't available, it is necessary to think over the existence of a pool near a bath.

▪ Dimensions of a bath frame. Depend on existence and parameters of rooms: steam room, dressing room and shower room. The minimal sizes must be calculated in amount of simultaneous presence of three persons. With accordance to the customer’s wishes sizes may be changed to any demanded value.

▪ Existence of auxiliary constructions. At construction stage of your bath-house, mounting of an additional shed for firewood and for other tools would be useful.

▪ Sustainable foundation. Foundation is very important at any construction, especially on marshy and unstable soils.

▪ Good thermal insulation of a bath. To warm up a bath with a weak thermal insulation is really difficult. Therefore, you have to pay attention to a good heat insulation of your bath-house.

▪ Floor and ceiling in a bath. It should be the most thought out detail. In the steam room it is better to do a low ceiling and a floor with an angle to drain the accumulating water. To reach the effect of "heat-insulated floor" you should use logs when laying floorboards.

▪ Type of furnace. It is possible to choose between electric furnace and solid fuel stove. In order to feel better the atmosphere of the Russian bath, you should choose the second option.

▪ Internal finishing of rooms. On this stage, it is necessary to think over all details, beginning from colour of illumination and wooden covering to the furniture and bathing accessories.


 The Belapari company build wooden houses and bath-houses with unique features. Our clients, who have already applied to     our company, have received discounts and they would come back to us again and again to get baths or houses for    themselves and for their families. We have everything to realize any project with high quality at short notice:

▪ professional consultants, architects, designers, builders; 

▪ our own wood processing production;

▪ large work experience in the various work conditions;

▪ reasonable prices.

 Please, contact us and we’ll build for you the finest bath-house, which shall bring you joy and good health for years to come.