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For over the past 16 years the company Belapari has worked in woodworking industry and has built wooden houses from dry timber. Every day our team of construction professionals is working hard to provide you an opportunity to live and to enjoy your life in very comfortable conditions.

So the construction, what is that? What are construction stages?

Building  a house is a detailed, multi-step process, which may include some changes in its initial design concept or in its construction progress.

Construction usually includes preliminary (organizational) works stage, prospecting works, design, construction and erection works, building finishing and commissioning works, and of course, permit application during all stages of construction.  

Why should you entrust to our company BELAPARI?

From 2001, we are operating in woodworking and construction industry. Сonstruction material is not enough to build a house. By experience, to provide quality service and products, the most important are practical skills, latest technologies and experienced professionals.  

Technical knowledge. The quality of everything Belapari does is based on generations of knowhow, ongoing development and independent testing. And the results are indisputable.

Technologies. We collaborate with the world’s leading manufacturer of timber-frame houses, Finnish company “HONKA”. As a result of such a collaboration is the possibility of use of the latest advanced technologies. 

Experienced professionals. We are especially proud of our professional’s team, which is permanent since the beginning of our company. Our workers are high qualified and have diverse skills, knowledge and large experience in solving different problems during the construction process. Skilled architects, lawyers, assemblers, factory’s workers, drivers give our clients confidence that we will provide a pioneering, professional and consistently outstanding service.

High quality at short notice.

Wiring, roofing, insulation, foundation, timber – that’s the essential elements of any house. When choosing it, we use only superior quality materials.

The Building is the sphere where we have everything for successful work. Time construction of a wooden house take us less than 1 month, and the life time of a house or a bath-house from dry profiled timber will last for more than 50 years.

We do our work with honor!