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Everyday we can see beautiful solid wooden houses, and their original features will last for more than several decades. Of course, it should be a great merit of construction workers and designers. However, there is one more aid, essential for a such capricious material as wood. A good wood preservation permits to keep natural beauty and solidity of wood.

What is the worst enemy of wood?

The worst enemy of wood is the rot. It caused by excessive moisture and fungus. When untreated wood is exposed to excess moisture, wood decay can establish itself very quickly and can fail in the end. In addition, untreated wood provides a natural environment for termites, carpenter ants, plus a host of beetles and other boring insects.

What are the effective means to protect the wood?

The best means, preventing rot and fungus is a protective treatment, as an impregnation. Protective treatment enriches the wood color and prevent the rot and appearance of the fungus.

The company BELAPARI provides treatment works at the production stage with special wood preservatives. Treatment works are executed for the construction of houses and bath-houses both.

We use only time proved preservatives from the company Lignofix (Czech Republic) to protect our houses from adverse impacts for decades.