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The foundation and the roof both are the most important elements of any building. Without a decent roof, any wooden house or a bath will not withstand the rainfalls and leakages, which will lead to the fast destruction of the building.

Important advantage of houses from a double dry profiled timber is the possibility of an immediate installation of the roof at once after assembly works. At the same time, it is worth reflecting on type and material of production of a roof at the projecting stage.

Types of roof structure

Modern construction methods permit to the customer an unlimited choice of roof structures, according to customer’s wishes and preferences. It can be:

▪ double pitch roof ;

▪ hipped roof;

▪ multigabled roof;

▪ pyramidal roof;

▪ flat roof;

▪ mansard roof;

We can’t mark any advantage of some type of roof structure. It depends on individual preferences and aesthetic sense of customers.

Roofing materials.

The choice of roofing materials is caused by many factors. First of all it is necessary to consider climatic specification of the area of construction. The main materials of a roof of a house from dry profiled timber is:

▪ metal shingles;

▪ shingle;

▪ nduline;

▪ profiled sheeting;

▪ bitumen shingles;   

▪ ceramic shingles.

Roof insulation is ideal way to prevent unwanted heat penetration from the outside of the building at any season.

Heat rises, and in an uninsulated home a quarter of your heat is lost through the roof, so the roof installation is impossible without the heat insulation. Since the most ancient times the straw been used as the main heat material. Nowadays we have a lot of modern technologies and materials, such as green fiber or cellulose wool. And of course the waterproofing layer is not less important. It is worth reflecting on it.

Do you need a roof installation? You’d better turn to experts!

If you want a long life-time of the roof of your wooden house, the insulation strategy needs to be based on a careful consideration of materials, it is important to choose an appropriate design, the correct building techniques to suit the particular situation. And the most important is to turn to the qualified specialists, really experienced in the building and roof installation.

We assure you, our company BELAPARI is a reliable partner, realizing its projects successfully at the markets of Europe and all over the world for many years.