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Before beginning the construction of any surface building, it is necessary to arrange first the basement. The durability of every structure depends on the detailed layout and quality execution. Remember that a cheapskate pays twice and you should never economize on construction materials and professional work of specialists when mounting the basement of your house. 

Before construction, it is necessary to research carefully groundwater depth, and also soil constitution and soil characteristics. The level of groundwater is intended to be lower than a level of soil freezing. If groundwater is near the ground, installation of a drainage system is obligatory.

The very important factor influencing the basement is the size and weight of future house or bath-house. You can use stone, brick, concrete, fittings, building blocks and plates as construction material for the basement, as well as waterproofing, preventing the basis of the foundation from degradation. It is important to remember that more the used material is stronger; more durable will be your house.

There is two types of basement for timber frame houses:

*strip foundation;

*post footing.

The strip foundation represents reinforced concrete construction, serving for a uniform distribution of weight of the structure on all perimeter. According to the depth of laying of the strip foundation, we distinguish a shallow foundation and a deep-buried foundation. The choice is caused by estimated foundation loads, and by characteristics of the soil. The strip foundation is perfectly suitable for country houses and cottage construction, preserves from heat losses, what allows economizing on additional floor heating.

The post footing connection represents a composition of footings in the form of columns from concrete,  stone, tree or reinforced concrete. Objects with spiral columns, very easy to mount, are also frequent. Construction of the post footing is cheaper in comparison with the strip foundation because it requires not so much of construction materials. According to all characteristics, the post footing is ideal for construction of bath-houses and houses on unstable soils.

The company Belapari has a large experience in mounting foundations and in construction of houses from double profiled timber. Our professionals, our technologies and equipment guarantee the calm,  the warmth and the comfort to our clients in their beautiful and durable houses and baths!