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Electrical wiring

 The first rule to remember is that basic wooden house wiring can be dangerous, so requirements for fire safety in wooden houses are very strict. This is due to the fact that the wood is a natural material, which is inflammable, and a bad quality of wiring can lead to the fire accident in old wooden houses.   

It is advisable to entrust the installation of wiring only to the reliable companies, which use the best materials when mounting wires. They will correctly calculate the electric tension and will select the right cable.

The process of electrical penetration into the house begins from the connection of entrance cable from power transmission line to the electrical box in the house.     

It can be laid in two ways:

▪  below grade wiring

▪  overhead wiring

Below grade wiring is more expensive method, but in the same time, more durable and aesthetic. All cables are placed into the trenches, what does not spoil the landscape and exclude the risk of damage during natural disasters and accidents.  

Overhead wiring is less expensive, but this method is less durable, besides it spoils the appearance of the house and of the landscape. This method is the least popular for the construction of modern cottages.

The next important element is the switchboard. Its installation requires the following:

1. Place the switchboard away from children and animals

2. You should choose only well-known producers; you shouldn’t economize on structural wiring points.  

 On reliability of voltage fuses, residual current devices, grounding switches and electric light meters depends an uninterrupted and unfailing service of your wiring system.

 The process of house wiring is a very important stage of construction of your house. There is two types of wiring:

▪  surface wiring;

▪  internal wiring.

The surface wiring is laying on the surface of walls and doors; internal wiring – into the walls or under walls. In old-fashioned wooden houses it used to lay a surface wiring, hidden into special wiring ducts. Wiring ducts may be painted in color of wood factory production.

Internal wiring demands tightening of safety requirements, so it is more expensive, but in the same time it doesn’t spoil the aesthetics of your house. This circumstance allows to lay internal wiring in cottages with individual design.    

Every wiring will end in matching with light fixtures, lamps, rose knots, switches. It will be the most remarkable and eye pleasing elements in case of the quality wiring and careful calculations.   

If you want to have a no-break lightening system in your house, contact the specialists of the company BELAPARI. We have built houses from profiled timber and have provided the service of internal wiring for the last 16 years!