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Properties of wood

Even thousands years ago, humanity could distinguish all advantages of wood as a construction material. Such popularity of wood is the result of several reasons, first of all, it is worth mentioning the perfect reliability and durability, and of course, it is a renewable natural resource.

In our understanding wood is the inside layer of a tree, which is situated behind the bark. It is formed because of increase in quantity of annular rings that is due to the seasonal periodicity.

Wood is a perfect building material, used for construction of houses, baths, arbors; many tools are made from wood: partition-walls, plinths and any furniture, also wood is used in engineering and in production.

So why wood is so popular?

Such popularity is the result of several advantages of wood as a building material:

▪ Compression and tension strength of wood. Wood is naturally resistant to moisture and mechanical damages.

Wood hardness. That is confirmed by the difficulty of introduction of alien subjects.

Durability. A long life time of wooden buildings confirms its property to resist negative influence of hostile environment and contacts with others surfaces.

Logevity. Wood is a durable material for both homes and commercial buildings. When properly looked after it can last hundreds of years.

Should we also tell that wood is a natural material, environmentally friendly, and has the ability to “breathe”. The wood allows you not to use additional materials for exterior and interior finishing, and thus avoid additional costs.

The pine is full of health!

Our company BELAPARI uses the pinewood as a building material. Pinewood combines longevity and unrivalled properties for the wellbeing of people. The pine is very steady against rotting processes, has small quantity of knots and changes the diameter on trunk length almost imperceptibly.

And of course we can’t ignore the powerful properties of pine trees: it was used as a traditional remedy in Siberia and Ural. Many modern remedies are made of pine. It was discovered that these trees are extremely high in volatile oils that are beneficial for respiratory conditions, for human nervous system, his sleep and working efficiency.

Therefore, it is easy to confirm that the pine is the best building material for construction of houses and baths from dry profiled timber, constructed by our company in Belarus, Russia, the CIS and Europe.