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The company BELAPARIi provides all range of services from purchase of wood to its processing and to construction of wooden houses and bath-houses from dry profiled timber of high quality. 

Dry profiled timber for construction of houses

The manufacturing uses only dry timber with dimensions of 70х140 mm (150 mm with a tenon) ,  impregnated with protection means against rotting and exposure to ultraviolet light.  We construct our houses with double walls: between the beams we put a layer of thermal insulation of desired thickness. In its structure, profiled timber is made of solid wood, pine or spruce, environmentally friendly, without any chemical adhesives or glue.  We process the timber in a vacuum infrared drying chamber, we use just a modern european facilities in this process.

The company Belapari constructs wooden houses and bath-houses from dry profiled timber based on Finnish technology "HONKA".

 The resulting solid dried double profiled timber is characterized by its ability to keep warmth, what is due to the “composite” joint in two planes with a backlash of 3 mm. That engine prevent from loose of warm air through the walls and provide a good insulation. 

In terms of technical characteristics of profiled timber far exceeds rounded log: two profiled timbers with dimensions 70х140 mm with a layer 100 mm of heat insulation are equal to a single rounded log with dimension 300 mm.    

So, a double dry profiled timber of the company Belapari gives a real economy of your budget.  With the same specification for the heat insulation, you need less of profiled timber for 40 % than rounded log. In terms of heat insulation of profiled timber far exceeds laminated board (correlation 1 : 2). So, there is the one conclusion: you economize from 40 to 200 percent of the cost, if you build your house from dry profiled timber. 

One more advantage of our timber is the absence of checks and the protection from inflow of water. Besides, double profiled timber has superior ventilation, because the wood has the ability to "breathe". Therefore, you don’t need to mount an air conditioner or to open windows and doors for air conditioning.  A pleasant natural fragrance of wood is really beneficial for human nervous system and for human health in whole.

Houses and bath-houses from dry profiled timber are assembled very quickly as a construction set “Lego”.  All components are manufactured automatically with high accuracy, have smooth side surfaces, without any defect, what is due to the best up-to-date equipment of our company. 

Production of dry profiled timber and construction of wooden houses and bath-houses – that is the best we can do, high quality for good price. Belapari makes your dreams come true!