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Projects of wooden houses up to 100 m2


Wood is the oldest material used by humans for constructional purposes. Despite its complex chemical nature, wood has excellent properties, which lend themselves to human use. It is durable, easily machinable; a good heat and electrical insulator; that is appreciated by all construction companies.


In spite of a large choice of modern synthetic building materials wood is still preferred for the house construction, because living and working in a wooden building means being in a pleasant and healthy environment. Wood is diffusible and hygroscopic. It filters the air and thus provides a fresh and healthy climate in a building. It has humidity regulating properties, which have positive effects on the atmospheric conditions of a room. It accumulate heat during the summer and recuperate it during the winter.


 Excellent properties of wood permit to build wooden houses in every climatic conditions. Our houses give the most aesthetically pleasing look of warmth, which will lift your mood.  A wooden house from a dry profiled timber will help you reduce the level of fatigue after a day's work. It shall bring you joy and good health for years to come.


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