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Projects of wooden houses 150m2 and more

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Our company build wooden houses from dry profiled timber of varying size and scope.


Wooden houses and cottages from a double profiled dry timber were gained widespread and are more and more desirable by customers.


The popularity of the glued laminated lumber gradually passes, the consumer turns to the traditional, time proved materials.


Profiled dry timber is a hi-tech construction material, durable in operating mode.


Profiled dry timber is the most convenient material for the construction of wooden houses and cottages.

The latest technologies of wood processing permit to create at short notice a pleasant and healthy microclimate in wooden building from dry profiled timber.


A wooden house or a cottage from dry profiled timber, built by the company BELAPARI, is eco-friendly, it is made from a solid wood without any glue. There is no need to advertise a solid natural wood. Wood is naturally beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, wood is an excellent heat insulator and doesn't threaten human’s health.


A wooden house from a double dry profiled timber doesn’t need any air-conditioning system, because it always keeps fresh air, forest-scented.

All components of houses from dry profiled timber are manufactured automatically with high accuracy, have smooth side surfaces, do not require additional finishing neither outside, nor inside.


Our houses give very aesthetically pleasing look.


People, who prefer luxury and comfort choose houses and cottages from dry profiled timber.



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