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Projects of houses up to 150 m2

Before the appearance of the written language, wooden construction was mentioned by the kind word in folklore.  In spite of a large choice of modern synthetic building materials wood is still preferred for the house construction, thanks to its permanent properties.

If your house is built correctly, it geuawill stand strong centuries, even hundreds of years later, keeping warmth in winter and freshness at summer.


When choosing a construction material for the house, many prefer the wood.  What is the reason for that? This is not surprising. We live in a century of the developing industry, constantly we observe emergence of new plants and factories. However, the wood has the ability to "breathe", so a wooden house from dry profiled timber has superior ventilation and brings us the oxygen and freshness.


The main advantage of dry profiled timber is its full environmental friendiness. Environmentally friendly material, 100% solid wood! Our products are made entirely of pine, contain no additives, like glue. This is especially important for allergic people.

Such houses are always filled with unusual forest fragrance, not with chemical odour, which injure health.


All components of our houses are manufactured automatically with high accuracy, have smooth side surfaces, do not require additional finishing neither outside nor inside.

Houses from dry profiled timber keep warmth for a long time.


Due to the light weight of a prefabricated timber frame house, it does not require excessive foundations. Thus, the cost of the house will be lower.


The construction costs of a prefabricated timber frame house are incredibly low. If building a timber frame house, you will save construction materials, time and labour.


That explain a keen demand on the timber frame houses on the construction materials market.


Important point is that after house settling you don’t need to tighten seams. On that basis, walls wouldn’t dote, because it doesn’t leak, so you shouldn’t renovate your house.    


A dry wooden timber is an impeccable construction material, which has a positive effect on the people’s wellbeing living in a house from double dry profiled timber.


Without doubt, wooden houses made from profiled dry timber are symbols of elitism and good taste at all times.


The life time of a prefabricated timber frame house will last for more than a century, thanks to its specific developments and carefully sealed frame. Don’t forget that the usage of refined technologies permit to preserve the wood from inflammation and fire as well as from decay. 

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