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We represent the wide range of projects of houses from a dry profiled timber, produced by our company. It is fabricated from a high-quality wooden material of the massif of the Belarusian pine according to the latest technologies.

Modern and stylish wooden houses from the company Belapari represent the simplicity and refinement united together.

In spite of a huge amount of various construction materials, wood did not lose the relevance up to now. People appreciated it at a dawn of civilization and it is still appreciated now, in the XXI century.

There are several reasons for this. Wooden timber is ecological and sustainable and a truly renewable building material. Living and working in a timber building means being in a pleasant and healthy environment.  It perfectly keeps warmth during an intolerable heat and keeps heat in winter, being a fine temperature regulator.

With the appearance of the advanced latest technologies, which allow building strong wooden houses and cottages according to modern standards, wooden construction experiences its rebirth.

The company BELAPARI- one of leaders at the construction services market, which produce and assemble wooden houses from a double profiled timber on the Finnish technologies. This material perfectly combines natural health utility, durability and beauty and at the same time is subject to the latest technologies of processing and assembly.

Due to the latest technologies, even the project the most difficult to execute not exceed one month. In spite of it, our company provides a high quality of the construction, meeting all norms and standards.

Our projects of houses from dry profiled timber are marked by its beauty, practicality, longevity and durability.