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What we are proud of

Over the years, the BELAPARI company has reliably delivered hundreds of wooden houses and bath-houses of different area, design and architecture. Our principal achievement is that Individuals choose us because they recognize exceptional value and quality. There is nothing more precious for us than a high grade of our clients, their appreciation.    

Our company Belapari do its best to live up to client’s expectations. For the past 16 years in woodworking and in construction, we could provide projects, which are the source of our pride. 

Houses from profiled timber, built by our company in Norway and Denmark – this is the best proof of competitive performance of the companies from CIS, which are able to work in the countries with the most strict quality standards and environmental friendliness of housing.

Besides, the company BELAPARI built houses from profiled timber in Baltic, Italy, Belgium and Germany – highly developed countries with its own national and judiciary features. Construction of houses and cottages in these countries is our pride, and in the same time, that proves that the painstaking work and the last technologies, used in the construction process, lead to the success, even when it seems impossible because of huge number of obstacles.   

However, the main market for our company are the CIS countries. It is already impossible to count exact number of houses and bathhouses constructed by our company in these countries. It should be a few hundreds, and even more. Also we erect houses and bath-houses in the southern regions of Ukraine, and in Russian polar regions, on plains of Belarus and hills of the Urals.

Modern innovative technologies allow to produce and to assemble quickly solid wooden structures. An approximate time construction of a wooden house up to 200м2 (fabricating and assembly works) is less than 1 month. That is undeniable advantage of the company BELAPARI.

We are in power to build houses and cottages in different countries in spite of all difficulties, related to.

The company BELAPARI feel optimistic about the future and is proud of its main asset – satisfied clients. So we have a goal: for who to work and for what to work and to what to aspire!