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Our advantages

For over 20 years in projecting and building business and in woodworking the company BELAPARI has obtained an encompassing range of technical knowledge and practical skills, managed to form a coordinated team of construction professionals

Why should you entrust such a high-value project as the construction of your dream home to our company?

There are a bunch of building companies at the construction market, offering projecting and construction services. However, there are many long firms among that companies, whose principal goal is not a quality building, but a quick return of maximum profit.

 Thus, what are the advantages of our company BELAPARI?

7 reasons, why you should entrust the construction of your house to our company:

1. An encompassing range of technical knowledge and practical skills. We have been working for many years in wood construction from dry profiled timber. Our houses and cottages beautify landscapes in 10 countries of the world, in different geographic and climate conditions. In our team we have just job-proved professionals

2. Elitism of houses and bath-houses. Everything that we build appear as examples of exceptional value, quality and durability.  Our houses look really richly and gives the most aesthetically pleasing look of warmth.

3. Environmental Friendliness. Our wooden houses from double dry profiled timber are fabricated without any chemical or toxic product, it doesn’t have any reek. In the construction, we use only natural materials, made of solid pine.  

4. Minimum maintenance costs. A house from dry profiled timber will provide a warm and cosy microclimate during the winter months at minimum heating cost, as well as during the summer will withstand the heat because of a high level of heat conduction (4.5) of its walls.

5. Economy on expensive finishing. High quality of machined surface is reached in the process of manufacturing of dry profiled timber, the wood becomes smooth, allowing you not to use additional materials for exterior and interior finishing, and thus avoiding additional costs.

6. Unquestionable quality and service at competitive prices. Houses from dry profiled timber are cheaper than constructions from glued wood, at the same time profiled timber is much more durable, more beautiful and has a positive effect on human’s wellbeing.

7. Our specialists are ready to come everywhere in the world to conclude agreements, to give advices and for other works, according to client’s wants.

The Limited Liability Company BELAPARI has established a reputation for honesty, integrity, and professionalism. We build houses not only for you but also for the coming generations of your family.