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About the company

"BELAPARI" is working at the markets of Belarus, the CIS and Western Europe since 2000.

BELAPARI is a Limited Liability Company, Payer’s Identification Number is 800005840, legal address is Belarus, Minsk, 3, Gorniy lane, main office 2. We have projected and have built houses and bath-houses from dry profiled timber with insulated double wall since 2005.  Over the past 20 years, our team of construction professionals has reliably delivered quality projects of varying size and scope. We are especially proud of our professional’s team, which is permanent since the beginning. All our workers are high qualified and have a large experience.  

Thanks to a harmonious teamwork, we could successfully build many objects in Norway, Denmark, Italy, Lithuania, Belgium, Germany, Russia and Belarus.

We reached an encompassing range of technical knowledge and practical skills and that permits our company to build houses and bath-houses from dry profiled timber of varying size and scope in different geographic and climate conditions.

Over the past 17 years, hundreds of people have entrust to our company the most important event in their lives – construction of theirs dream houses. That’s why we are responsive, in our job mistakes are inadmissibles.  We understand your new home is a point of pride. We want to help you build your dream home the way you want it; your dream, your vision.

We aspire create your dream home, using classic design, the finest materials, quality craftsmanship, and the latest amenities, relying on the latest ecological standarts and technologies.  Every difficulty is regarded as a competence motivation. We are always ready to build houses and bath-houses from dry profiled timber of varying size and scope.

If you apply to BELAPARI, be sure, we build houses and bath-houses on term, with quality products and craftsmanship, and according to the latest technologies.