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  • We build houses from dry profiled timber
    We guarantee the high quality of the construction and the respect of the terms!
  • We build wooden houses 20 years!
    We have constructed hundreds of wooden houses in different countries
  • Attractiveness and cost saving!
    Our houses from dry profiled timber do not require treatment!
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Wooden houses


Construction of a house made of timber. Order a house made of double timber. Projects of houses made of timber. Baths made of timber.


"BELAPARI" is a company working at the markets of Belarus, the CIS and Western Europe since 2000.

We are glad to present you all range of services in design, assembly and construction of wooden houses and baths from a dry profiled timber.

There are some reasons why our houses are one of the best not just in Belarus, but also around the world:


 Own production.

All wooden houses and baths are manufactured with high precision on modern woodworking equipment in factory conditions according to the selected project.

Quick Build time and High Quality of our production. 

The unique innovative technology of the Finnish company "Honka" used by our enterprise – double wall with a heat insulation. It allows to produce and to assemble quickly a solid wooden structure – a house, a summer house, a sauna, etc. An approximate time construction of a wooden house up to 200м2 (fabricating and assembly works) is less than 1 month. The life time of a house or a bath-house from dry profiled timber will last for more than a century, you don’t need to renovate it.

 Absolute Environmental Friendliness of our wooden houses or bath-houses from dry profiled timber. The materials that are used in the construction -- only the massif of a dry pine or a fir-tree. We never use any glue, any chemical product. Living and working in a timber building means being in a pleasant and healthy environment. Wooden timber provides a fresh and healthy climate in a building.

Low Costs of Heating of the building. Coefficient of heat conduction of a wall of the wooden house from a dry profiled timber, made by our company is 4,5 (the norm on standards of Republic of Belarus is 2,5).

Economy on expensive finishing. The considerable share of expenses leaves on finishing works. However, our modern technology of production and assemblies permits to minimize your expenses. The houses from dry profiled timber are easily mounted, as all components are manufactured automatically with high accuracy, have smooth side surfaces, do not require additional finishing neither outside nor inside.

Beauty and elitism of our wooden houses. Houses constructed by the company BELAPARI favorably differ the unique architecture and design. Our houses look really richly and gives the most aesthetically pleasing look of warmth. Unrivalled properties of wooden timber for the wellbeing of people will be appreciated at all times.

    Year-round construction of houses and baths.

The construction of houses and baths made of double timber has no seasonal significance and is carried out all year round!

Houses and bath houses from dry profiled timber constructed by our company decorate landscapes of Norway, Denmark, Italy, Lithuania, Belgium, Germany, Russia and, certainly, Belarus.

Every day the largest investing firms as well as individuals entrust to our company various соnstruction projects of different area, design and architecture.    

The BELAPARI company will be sincerely glad to see you among our clients. We work in accordance with the highest construction standarts and in line with efficiency requirements of nowadays.


+375 29 676 45 77